Linux in a flash!

Download Kaboot

+ Kaboot is available in a number of different flavours, each one intended for a different purpose.

  • Recovery Kaboot is command line only and contains a number of recovery utilities. Its main purpose is to save you in the nick of time.

  • Kaboot Lite - uses Openbox as the Desktop Environment and is a compact OS able to boot into a window manager using minimal memory. + Package List +

  • Kaboot Science - contains a number of Scientific programs already setup and ready to go, with the purpose of introducing those unconvinced by the power of open source programs. + Package List +

  • Kaboot Komplete has everything an average user needs, the familiar KDE for the desktop, Open Office 2.0, Thunderbird and Firefox along with many other useful applications and a host of desktop games. + Package List +

Live CD iso's

+ IMPORTANT: Login Details

Username: root
passwd: toor

  • Recovery Kaboot - contains testdisk fdisk etc. ideal for repairing partitions

  • Lite Kaboot - with Firefox, Gaim, Aterm, Pypanel etc. (280M)

  • Scientific Kaboot - with octave, cute text editor, GNU Scientific Library, Units Converter, EasyChem for drawing chemical mollecules, Wordprocessor and Spreadsheet.

  • Kaboot Komplete - with KDE for the desktop, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and a host of games.

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